1.º(Introduction and Objectives)

The International Startups Meeting Contest (henceforth the “Contest”) is organized by the AIESEC Alumni IberoAmerica ( The goal of the Contest is to reward entrepreneurial projects selected by a jury independent of the Association. The AIESEC Alumni IberoAmerica team responsible for the Contest (henceforth the “Organization”) will accompany the development of the aforementioned Contest. This initiative is part of the vision and mission of AIESEC Alumni IberoAmerica themed: “ENTREPRENEURSHIP AND INNOVATION, KEY FACTORS OF DEVELOPMENT: the contribution of Latin-speaking countries.”


2.º(Eligible Candidates)

All the people who have innovative and enterprising ideas can participate in the Contest.

Entries for the contest are open to all projects, including projects from associations, work groups, companies, or any type of legal person, and the registration is done in a personal capacity;

3.º (Non-Eligible Applicants)

  1. Collective entities, namely commercial companies, foundations and other public or private institutions, whether for profit or not, which have been in existence for more than 3 years, may not participate in Competition.
  2. Exceptions to the previous number are entrepreneurial projects created within collective entities, namely commercial companies, foundations and other public or private institutions, whether or not for profit, which aim in the future to have an existence independent of the original project.


4.º(Eligible Ideas)

  1. Eligible for this Competition are:

(a) People with an Entrepreneurial Idea,

(b) Persons with an Entrepreneurial Idea and the respective Business Plan and The Ideas and Business Plans presented by the Candidates in the terms and conditions defined in the present Regulation will henceforth be called the “Ideas”.

  1. The Ideas are presented in English.

5.º(Changes to Ideas)

No modifications may be made to the Ideas without prior authorization from the Organization.

Chapter IV - Applications

6.º(Submission and Deadline for Applications)

  1. Applications must be submitted by sending the Ideas via Internet at, and the Candidate must fill in the fields of the form provided for this purpose, otherwise the application will not be validated.
  2. The submission of applications is subject to the cost of an individual entry per participant of the contest.
  3. The deadline for the submission of Applications is previously defined by the Organization and announced on its website (x)

7.º(Access Conditions)

  1. The Ideas that fall within the scope defined in clause 4 and comply with the terms and conditions of the present Regulation will only be appreciated.
  2. Ideas will be appreciated preferably integrating, in particular, in the following selection parameters:

(a) Candidates who demonstrate, in any way, some type of previous initiatives in the pursuit of Ideas, and who still maintain high levels of motivation;

(b) Ideas that demonstrate originality, relevance/practical applicability; actuality/opportunity; the depth of development and associated research work;

c) Ideas that may have a socially and / or economically positive impact on society and economy;

(d) Ideas that, due to entrepreneurship revealed, differ from the rest;

(e) Ideas, which offer greater probabilities of success, continuity and sustainability;

(f) Ideas likely to be co-financed by other entities;

(g) Ideas whose needs are aligned with the support provided by the AIESEC Alumni IberoAmerica.

  1. Candidates with inappropriate or unlawful or illegal language and content that include, in particular, offensive, discriminatory, racist or inciting violence shall not be considered.


8.º(Request for Clarifications)

In cases where doubts persist, in any of the phases of the Competition, the Organization may request further clarification from the Candidates.



  1. Without prejudice to the provisions of the law, it is the duty of the Organization and of AIESEC Alumni IberoAmerica, as well as of all its associate and auxiliary members, to treat and maintain an absolute obligation of confidentiality and secrecy in respect of any and all information, any nature of Ideas, that it comes in any way to take notice.
  2. The Organization and the AIESEC Alumni IberoAmerica, as well as of all the respective members, associates and auxiliaries, also expressly oblige themselves to:

(a) to use the information solely and exclusively for the purpose and in the scope of the Competition, refraining from any use outside that context, either for its own benefit or for a third party, and regardless of purposes, namely for patent registration, granting operating licenses;

(b) strictly observe the information provided by the Organization in relation to the disclosure of the information, and should also consult the Candidate beforehand, whenever there is any doubt about the possibility of disclosure of certain information.

  1. The confidentiality obligations assumed in the previous numbers shall be kept for a period of one (1) year from the date of the end of the Competition.

10.º(Privacy Policy of Personal Data)

  1. The personal data collected will be used to manage the Competition, as well as to disclose new events and actions of the Association, and will not be transferred to third parties, except for companies that are partners of the Association that will award prizes to the participants and need the contacts for the delivery of their prizes. In the web collection, the participants must also authorize that the AIESEC Alumni IberoAmerica can contact them via SMS or by electronic mail, being allowed the possibility, also by electronic means, to communicate that they do not wish to receive more messages or information through this route.
  2. The Data collected is provided by the respective Candidates.
  3. Candidates are required to provide only true, complete and accurate information.
  4. The Organization and the Jury are bound to strictly comply with the provisions of the Portuguese legislation on the processing of personal data, namely:

(a) Keep the Data strictly confidential;

(b) Not to copy, reproduce, adapt, modify, erase, destroy or in any way make available to third parties the Data to which it has access or that have been transmitted to it by the Applicant without having been expressly instructed or authorized by it;

(c) To process the Data in a lawful and fair manner, collecting only the information necessary and pertinent to the purpose;

(d) Not use the Data collected for purposes incompatible with that of the collection;

(e) Allow the Candidate to access and correct the information about him / her registered, transmitting it in a language clearly and accurately corresponding to the content of the register;

(f) Keep the Data accurate and, if necessary, current;

(g) Guarantee free of charge the right to delete the Data used, when requested by the Candidate;

(h) Comply with all obligations to which they are bound in respect of registration or any other data processing operation;

(i) Observe the terms and conditions contained in the legalization instruments related to the Data processed;

(j) Have security systems that prevent the consultation, modification, destruction or addition of the Data by a person who is not authorized to do so and who can detect intentional or unintentional deviations of information;

(k) Immediately interrupt treatment when in breach of the law and received from the National Data Protection Commission directives accordingly;

(l) Destroy the Data, after the authorized retention period: thus, in order to comply with the agreement with the National Data Protection Commission, all personal records that are more than 3 (three) years old and which have not been altered or updated should be destroyed;

(m) Do not perform data interconnection.


11.º(Selection Phases)

The Competition has three (3) phases of selection and evaluation of the Ideas, which are based on the following general criteria: economic and financial viability, innovation, promoter motivation and public utility.

12.º(First Selection Phase)

  1. In the first phase all competitors will have access to an online tool developed by the Organization. This tool helps you structure an idea into a business plan by answering questions and exercises, and is divided into 4 (four) steps. At the end of each step, the Ideas are evaluated and the Ideas with the highest score are moved to the next step.
  2. The first phase takes place on dates to be announced by the Organization, and in the end the  Semi-Finalist Ideas by country are selected.
  3. The Organization reserves the right to change this number based on the quality of the ideas presented.


13.º(Second Selection Phase)

  1. In a second phase the semi-finalist ideas of each country are submitted to a face-to-face evaluation;
  2. The second phase will take place on dates to be announced on the Organization’s website and one (1) finalist Idea from each country will be selected. This evaluation takes place in Lisbon, in a place to be determined, being the participants’ responsibility to travel to the evaluation site.
  3. The Organization reserves the right to change the number of ideas selected based on the quality of the ideas presented.
  4. Failure to appear at this moment of evaluation without prior authorization from the organization automatically leads to the declassification of the competition.


14.º(Third Selection Phase)

  1. In a third phase will be selected the  winners of the ISUM Lisbon 2018 Contest.
  2. The third phase also takes place face-to-face on dates to be announced on the Organization’s website. This evaluation will be held at the Universidade Lusófona, in Lisbon, and the participants will be responsible for the trip to the evaluation site.
  3. The Organization reserves the right to change the number of winners based on the quality of the ideas presented and the number of prizes raised that will be distributed by the winners.

15.º(Announcement of Selected Candidates)

The announcement of the classifications will be made via e-mail to all Candidates admitted to the Competition.


16.º(Panel of Juries)

  1. The Jury will be a group of notables highly recognized in the areas relevant to the selection of Ideas.
  2. The Organization will be the spokesperson throughout the Competition process and maximum representative of the Jury, responsible for the success of the Jury’s mission.


The Jury’s mission is to elect the ideas that pass in each phase based on this Regulation and the experience and knowledge of each Jury while notable in one of the relevant areas.

18.º(Jury deliberations)

  1. Judges’ decisions shall be sovereigns and final and there shall be no appeal.
  2. The Jury reserves the right to request any clarification on the Ideas presented.
  3. The Jury also reserves the right not to elect any Idea if none of the Ideas submitted meets the requirements.

19.º (Final Classification)

The final classification of the Jury will be issued at the end of each phase, which will be announced as soon as possible to the candidates.


20.º(ISUM Organization)

  1. The ISUM Organization will make every effort to ensure the achievement of the winning ideas.
  2. However, the ISUM Organization can’t be held liable if it is not possible to apply any of the Ideas.

21.º (Scope of the Prize)

  1. Any and all support awarded to the Winning Ideas and to the Competition Finalists will be unique and exclusively used to carry out the Competition, a situation that the Winning Candidates acknowledge and accept that:

(a) Prizes can only be used to carry out the project – Evidence will be requested;

(b) Awarding of prizes shall be subject to the principle of reasonableness – Association shall support to ensure that the use of prizes is part of a viable project plan;

(c) Certain prizes shall be subject to the overall use of the finalists;

(d) Use of the prizes shall occur within a period of 6 months after the Award Ceremony, the date of which shall be announced in due course on the organization’s website;

(e) The use of the prizes should be made in a hierarchical way, with the winners taking precedence over the finalists;

(f) Notwithstanding the previous point it may happen that prizes not claimed by some winners are distributed by the competition finalists

2. Any and all misuse of the support provided by the ISUM Organization implies the total return of the amounts or premiums received. The Applicant may also incur criminal and/or civil liability under the law, and AIESEC Alumni IberoAmerica and the Organization have the right to deduct a claim for compensation for any damages or losses that may be incurred by them.


22.º (Clarifications and omissions)

  1. Any questions regarding the Competition may be clarified at the Organization, via the Internet to the electronic address
  2. Any omission in these Regulations shall be resolved by the Organization in accordance with the Law.
  3. This Regulation is subject to Portuguese law and for all matters arising therefrom, the parties elect the court of the Lisbon Court of Justice, expressly renouncing any other.